Our CD "The Equinox Anthems" was released today! You can order it on our homepage or on

We just came back from our Promotour in France and we posted some pictures for you in the gallery.

Epitaph Opera´s official refugium is back again. Finally we unleashed our brand new layout of the website and we hope it satisfies your wishes.

The works on our new website design have begun. We plan to release the new site within the coming week.

Today we received the message that the mixing and mastering of all songs has been finished! The only thing to do now is completing the booklet and finding the right cover artwork.

The recordings on our split CD with [HANDS OF FATE] have been finished. The songs will now be mixed and mastered and are hopefully finished by April 16th.

We have entered the studio and are more than ready to record our first CD.
The upcoming release will be entitled "The Equinox Anthems". A first release date is set to August 15th.
EPITAPH OPERA is planning to do a split CD with the melodic black / death metal band [HANDS OF FATE]. The split will include five songs of each band plus an extra instrumental interlude.