Salgoth - vocals

Member since the beginning of the band in the year 2000

Salgoth is the origin founding member of the band. Besides composing he writes all the lyrics and takes care of everything regarding the band. He is also singing in the nordic black metal band GRIMDEMON and is basically most known as singer of the old school black metal band SCHATTENDASEIN and owner of UMTRUNK RECORDS.

Fabian - rhythm, lead and accoustic guitars

Member since 2000

Fabian was one of the first members and always supported the band with amazing guitar riffs and instrumentals. He is one of the lead composers inside EPITAPH OPERA and never runs out of ideas. Besides that he is also the guitarist and bassist in the nordic black metal band GRIMDEMON.

Aaron - lead guitars, rhythm and accoustic guitars

Member since 2001

Since Aaron joined the band in 2001 he became another essential core member. He is responsible for fast melodies and complex riffing. Besides EPITAPH OPERA he is well known as Askalon, guitarist in the old school black metal band SCHATTENDASEIN.

Lorethea - keys, synths and female vocals

Member since 2001

Lorethea entered EPITAPH OPERA merely on coincidence in the year 2001 and accompanies the songs of the band with imposing orchestral soundscapes. She is also singing the female vocal parts in the band.

zigoR - drums

Member since 2004

Zigor is the latest member of the band and is giving EPITAPH OPERA its main impulse with his fast and technical drumming. Actually Zigor started his musical career as a singer of the melodic black / death metal band called HANDS OF FATE, where he is still doing the vocals.